Yogahippie Workshops

This is what we currently offer. Keep in mind that this section will be constantly growing and evolving to meet the needs of our community and clientele.

"Choose Joy" Workshop

A workshop developed for a mind-body-spirit approach to replacing the cycle of dependence, guilt and shame with new rituals of self care, discovery and growth. Aimed at the recovery community, this experience includes discussion of the suffering we create for oursleves and replacing it with joy; a soft, restorative yoga flow- designed by someone who understands the physical pain of withdrawal and early recovery; and a guided meditation based on setting a joyful intention.

Employee Wellness Program

Movement as medicine for companies who want to encourage mental and physical wellness within their ranks. This is a customized program offered to groups of all sizes and abilities; offered at the interval that best serves your needs.

Private/ Group classes

Private 1-on-1 classes as well as small group settings are also offered. These too are completely customized according to needs and abilities.


Balance-pose Workshops!!

Wanna learn crow pose? Headstand? Arm balances?

Various workshops will be offered for those ready to discover a new level of joy, freedom and confidence.